28th December 2006

AACS Cracked!

According to 'my friends' at Tweakers.net a guy named muslix64 has cracked the Aacs copy-protection used on HD-DVD's. The software muslix64 has written claims to be able to crack ´┐Żnd copy the contents of a HD-DVD.

Aacs, or Advanced Access Content System, is the technology used to protect HD-DVD's from being copied or played without authorisation. In order to decode an aacs protected movie, you'll need a 'title key'. This key isn't public, but when muslix64 was on his quest to crack the protection of these movies, he Buy Cialis Soft found out that the title key was written to the memory unprotected while a movie was played. By using publicly available documents he wrote his own implementation of aacs in JAVA. When he combined this with the title key found in the memory he was able to decode the movie and copy it to his harddisk.

The program muslix64 wrote is named 'BackupHDDVD' and comes with a list of title keys of five popular movies. When you want to make a copy of another HD-DVD-movie you'll have to search for the title key yourself. So in fact his application doesn't allow users to crack the protection, but it does offer a lot of opportunities to do different things with the HD-movies than the authors originally allowed. Basically this means that HD-DVD-movies now can be decoded and shared through the popular p2p networks.

With muslix64's software it's not yet possible to crack blu-ray-movies, Cialis online because these also use the bd+-copyprotection besides the aacs used on both disks. Engadget has tried to copy various HD-DVD's with this software and the outcome is pretty positive, they managed to copy the movie to their harddisk as well as decoding it. One thing they didn't manage to do though was playing them, their trialversions of WinDVD and PowerDVD didn't seem to cooperate.

Muslix64 also placed a movie on YouTube giving more information about his creations, you can take a look at it here:

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