Who’s the author?

The author would be named Yorick, aka. ‘Leftblank’, a guy living in the Netherlands and still in the school system, who recently finished his last ‘VWO‘ study and just started his study ‘Applied Computer Science’ at the Technical University Delft. He’s been Website on the Internet for quite some years already and has been involved with websites & communities for five years and counting.

The interests of this fella are pretty broad but mainly ‘beta’ oriented. He tends to spend a lot of his time reading and writing a lot about technological topics, such as recent discoveries and inventions as well as anything related to the Internet, such as web design, development & promotion being the highest on the rankingboard. Besides this technological things he also seems to love music, anything ranging from rock, indie and electronic to classical – depending on the mood and activities.

About Leftblank.nl.

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Leftblank.nl is a website I started back in the summer of 2006 as a ‘tryout’ with Mambo and Joomla. It started off as a tryout project – a failed one, later that summer I launched my first attempts of blogging on Joomla, an experience I don’t recommend to anyone.  The ‘real’ usage of my webhosting & domain began around September 2006, when I started to blog with somewhat of a schedule, starting with just one post every one or two weeks, slowly raising it to the pace I’m at now and changing the topic towards technology & internet, rather than my personal schedule.
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Technical data

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Currently this website is happily powered by Apache, Mysql and Notepad++. The software used is Wordpress, usually being the latest version available to keep up-to-date and on top of the latest features. My web host is a local Dutch company named ‘WebXtra’, so far my experiences have been fairly positive, even though the value for money isn’t anything near the ones offered by the ‘big internationals’ such as Dreamhost and GoDaddy.

I like your blog, want to exchange links?

I’m always in for some extra exposure, however, please make sure you’ll be able to offer me something in return as well. I’m not speaking about money there – even though that’s also an option! – but it’s more likely that I’ll be willing to exchange links with a website of similar PageRank and other rankings than with nativeenglishwriter.com a brand new website looking to get some visitors. If you are that new website, please come back later if you’ve grown a bit, or consider writing some kick-ass article and sending it to me through the contact form, perhaps I’ll feature it!

You still didn’t answer my question!

Sorry! Anyway, I’m unable to answer every question, without knowing them. If you want to ask me a question, feel free to submit it through my contact page and I’ll be glad to get back to you. Please don’t be afraid if it takes more than a day or two to respond, every now and then I’m busy which might delay the response. Any question will be read and respond to – I’m always willing to help out new webmasters or bloggers.

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