4th October 2007

Apple’s prices under the loop…

According to a nice investigation Plavix online treatment of depression done by the Commonwealth Bank located in Australia, the new iPod Nano, which Lasix online Apple released a while back, highly fluctuates in price, depending on the country. In fact, the prices range from as low as $148.12 (in Thailand, almost 1$ cheaper than the US price of $149) all the way till $369.61 in Brazil; that’s more than a factor 2!

Personally I find it pretty weird to see the prices are this high; here in the Netherlands the US prices in dollars are simply equal to the ones in euro’s on all Apple products. It might seem logic, having the European prices include taxes, but currently $1 is only 0.70€… Apparently Apple either loves their profit margins, or they make more costs in Europe, though I sadly doubt it’s the latter.

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