13th March 2007

Beware of how public you are with yourself – somewhat

Yesterday I read a pretty interesting and eye-opening article about privacy. Actually, the article was about tweaking Facebook’s privacy settings, in order to keep unwanted visitors, such as your boss or recruiter, out of it and just your friends in.

While I doubt a lot of people put up pictures of them smoking pot and using all kinds of other drugs online on a public profile under their own name -not quite a smart thing to do in the first place. However, I do know a lot of people publish things of their selves online that could potentially work against them.

A nice example of things that might harm you are the increasing popularity of YouTube movies and vlogs, it’s surely a nice place to express yourself and share your ideas. You shouldn’t let everything of yourself get into the hands of ‘the public’ on the web though; using web caches and Archive.org your data is visible virtually unlimited to anyone who’d like to.
You can decrease this risk by saving files to unspidered filetypes, such as flash, or by blocking the crawling of the ‘confidential’ pages by modifying your robots.txt file and add meta tags to block them.

There is still one good solution that will work always, no matter what the technology might do or lack to do: don’t publish anything to the web that can be used badly against you. To quote one of the commentators on Lifehacker ‘See, my logic is, either don’t horribly incriminate yourself in the first place or at LEAST don’t take photos of yourself doing it!’ – a vision I also share. Tadalafil without prescription
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  1. 1 On March 14th, 2007, Bryan Baker said:

    My suggestion to anyone worried about Facebook revealing too much information to the wrong people..don’t put anything on there you wouldn’t want someone to see.

    Personally I won’t write anything I wouldn’t want posted on the internet..just not worth the risk.