22nd October 2006

Blog Merged

Once a high man said, 'A small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind', a quote that is relevant today as well, if you take the negative square of it, that is…

Today I've imported all the Joomla blogposts I've made in the past (only about 6), so now Leftblank.nl has been succesfully converted from Joomla to MODx – quite a lot of buy Dapoxetine online cheap Robaxin work for me, and basically of no use to the rest of the world.

Something that might do some good to the MODx community though, is the first re-distribution of the style you're viewing now ;) . I've put quite some work in porting and modifying it but I've decided to let others use the style as well – just like the original author did. In case you're interested, you can purchase Furosemide view and download the style on MODxCMS.com.

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