21st May 2009

PHP Framework benchmark: Zend, CodeIgniter & CakePHP

While coding some PHP for simple up to moderately complicated websites I’ve often wondered whether or not I picked the right tools for the job. As most people know by now, the easiest way nowadays to build a website is to use a prebuild CMS such as Joomla – however if you’re fine with the [...]

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19th October 2007

Buy your WoW gold the European way…

treating acne Cytotec without prescription It’s almost impossible, but it seems that some people haven’t read or heard about MMORPG currency trading-sites… Personally I read about it nearly daily, thanks to the huge loads of comment spam, and the load of advertisements for these companies in ads on websites.
Anyway, what these companies basically [...]

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3rd October 2007

ProBlogger’s Birthday Bash – Win prices!

Apparently the guys over at ProBlogger have decided to order Aciclovir start giving away a whole lot of prices for their birthday. Not too shocking, of course. Though, according to their article, the total worth of the prices exceeds the $54 000, that’s a whole lot of money!
All you’ve got to do in order [...]

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27th September 2007

Google’s Birthday!

Today is Google’s cheap Tadalafil Xenical order ninth birthday! What started as a project from two graduate university students in California. Now is a billion dollar company, with over 13.000 employees. Everyone around the world must have heard of Google these days (If not, I wonder how you got on this site anyway), [...]

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27th September 2007

‘Mobile blogging’

When surfing on the net today I stumbled upon something interesting. It’s the site www.truemors.com (bastardization of true and rumor), it’s a blog about rumors -obviously- and funny news facts ran by Guy Kawasaki (who formerly worked at Apple). Nothing new so far, however, the site has got some interesting and unique futures. It is [...]

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25th September 2007

Lifehacker: OpenID rocks, but needs more support

Ever from the first announcements I read about OpenID, I’ve been trying to stay right on top of this interesting decentralized but universal username/password system. Basically OpenID is one login name and password on a third party site that will let you login using this url on thousands of sites, without having to sign up [...]

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24th September 2007

How to save money on gifts…

I would like to show to you all an interesting site, CouponChief! Holiday season is coming again and as we all know that equals gifts, and gifts equal money.
Couponchief can help you out in these times, on their site you can find all sorts of promo codes Zithromax online , coupons, deals and discounts.
And I’m [...]

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13th August 2007

Thoof, yet another social news site or more?

After my (way too short and fantastically relaxed vacation) I’m now doing my best to return to my ‘regular’ blogging habits. A part of that is browsing the web to see what’s happening around the world as well as on the internet or blogosphere.
The easiest ways to do so are usually social news or [...]

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18th July 2007

The new Digg for gossip has been made

Personally I’ve never been much of a fan of what ever kinds of (personal) gossip, I rather read early technology news or, as you might also just name it, tech gossip.
It’s fairly logical though that there are appearing more sites on the web that are related to celebrity gossip, of course they aim at [...]

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10th July 2007

Host any file up to 500MB in size for free

Who hasn’t had the ‘pleasure’ of trying to send this collection of amazing pictures, small videoclip or audio recordings over the web to a friend or family member? I know I have, plenty of times. One of the things you face when trying to do that with big files are the limits ‘traditional’ ways such [...]

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