5th July 2007

Cheap hosting for your blog

purchase misoprostol Purchase Retin-A Finding the right host on the web isn’t always easy, in fact, it’s a horrible and very difficult job as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of web hosts on the big lands of the Internet. Nearly all of these hosts offer an ‘OK’ till decent value-for-money factor in [...]

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3rd July 2007

Intelligent online backups – Is it possible?

buy Strattera 40 mg Heart Disease get Cialis Professional Backups, everyone has to make them, and nearly everyone forgets or refuses to do so. I’m no doubt one of the people who forget to do so, most of the time I don’t backup on other places than my own hard disk, which [...]

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27th June 2007

Test your blogging addiction online

It was just a matter of time till someone came up with this idea; a test to see how bad your blog addiction is. I think I’m doing fairly well with my score of 56% – some points really count hard!
56%How Addicted to Blogging Are You? order misoprostol Robaxin online where to buy [...]

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26th June 2007

The ideal web 2.0 application pack for students

While your homework assignments certainly wont become easier or shorter using these applications, I’m sure it can actually make things easier for yourself when keeping track of your thoughts, organizing them and using the right tools to do calculations or output a bibliography, saving you quite some time.
This is exactly what the article ‘Web 2.0 [...]

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25th June 2007

10 Free text processors to make you productive

Ever wondered if there isn’t some better alternative text processor for Word? If you have, you might find it interesting to know you’re not the only one, and there’s a list of the most useful (minimalistic) ones on the web! In case you haven’t, take a look at the list and you might become interested [...]

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23rd June 2007

Preview CSS in IE 6 and Firefox – Ideal for webdesign

It’s a shame it’s Windows XP only, but the freeware application CSSVista (has nothing to do with Vista at all) will let you preview various CSS styles on the fly in both IE 6 and Firefox simultaneously. To make that a little easier, the app comes with three panels; one editor for CSS and a [...]

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22nd June 2007

Win another widescreen monitor at JC

Not so long ago I wrote about the contest at Bluefur, the ones who were giving away a sleek 22″ widescreen monitor. Despite the not too many people joining in that contest so far, the odds of still are only small of course. That’s why John Chow dot Com’s offer is pretty interesting; double chances! [...]

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20th June 2007

VOIP for the masses with Packet8?

Even though it’s not quite a very new technology, purchasing Plavix online cost of Strattera voip still isn’t very popular in most countries, Packet8 does show it’s an increasing market. According to their website already 7000 businesses in the US switched to their VOIP plans, it’s a big country, but still not a [...]

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20th June 2007

Backgammon Masters offers rakeback-free online poker

When playing poker online – or in a casino for that matter – you might notice there is a certain ‘fee’, often named ‘rake’, that will have to be paid over the money won while playing. Usually that is to cover the costs of the host, being it an internet or gaming host, as with [...]

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20th June 2007

Yet another job board on the web!

On PayPerPost a press release was given out a little while ago for the new job board website with the url of http://www.johbs.com treating male impotence . You can read the press release below, though it’s rather boring – as they tend to be.
The website JobsHS is basically a new approach of the current job [...]

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