13th August 2007

Thoof, yet another social news site or more?

After my (way too short and fantastically relaxed vacation) I’m now doing my best to return to my ‘regular’ blogging habits. A part of that is browsing the web to see what’s happening around the world as well as on the internet or blogosphere.
The easiest ways to do so are usually social news or [...]

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26th June 2007

The ideal web 2.0 application pack for students

While your homework assignments certainly wont become easier or shorter using these applications, I’m sure it can actually make things easier for yourself when keeping track of your thoughts, organizing them and using the right tools to do calculations or output a bibliography, saving you quite some time.
This is exactly what the article ‘Web 2.0 [...]

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25th June 2007

10 Free text processors to make you productive

Ever wondered if there isn’t some better alternative text processor for Word? If you have, you might find it interesting to know you’re not the only one, and there’s a list of the most useful (minimalistic) ones on the web! In case you haven’t, take a look at the list and you might become interested [...]

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25th May 2007

Eight tips to increase your Del.icio.us skill and reduce the clutter

It seems like it’s trendy these days to use a social bookmarking site, no matter whether it’d be your enhanced Gmail account, personalised homepage, Del.icio.us, Reddit or whatever other website with the same functionality. Of course, these sites tend to have at least a couple of drawbacks or slowdown factors, making it less interesting or [...]

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9th May 2007

The top 10 underrated web 2.0 sites

The web 2.0 is still growing strong, new websites seem to pop up every day with the famous ‘web 2.0′ looks (lots of whitespace, tons of shadows, rounded corners on everything), but still, according to Tagoon, a lot of these websites are actually underrated. Because of this the author, tag00n has written an article listing [...]

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18th April 2007

Google Spreadsheets adds charts to their feature list

Google Spreadsheets, Google’s interpretation of an online office platform, has been on the web for quite a while now, but it’s usually referred to as ‘Google Docs’, for the sake of the URL. Google started with this when they acquired a company that was running this service, and ever since they’ve been Google’fying it and [...]

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18th April 2007

Google Mash up: Find out who’s sick

I came across a pretty funny, yet useful Google mash up today, for those who don’t know what a mash up is; it’s a combination of various websites, this time being Google Maps, combined with the data gathered by the website ‘ Topamax 100 mg Who is Sick Sildenafil buy plan-b ‘, giving you [...]

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16th April 2007

Aapka Video back in action – Internet Video for India

buy doxycycline Asacol online It seems like the media-web2.0 is being dominated by the ‘big two’, such as Google, Google (YouTube) and Microsoft. However, Aapka video is proving there still is room for smaller and more specific websites that offer video upload, play back and commenting options.
With their website titled and marketed [...]

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7th April 2007

Yahoo Pipes: Mash ups for the masses

If you haven’t heard of Yahoo Pipes in the past month yet, you must have been living under a rock as it has been generating a lot of buzz lately. In case you’re one of the groups that has been living under a rock or in a cave; Yahoo Pipes will let you create or [...]

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10th March 2007

StartupCrunch – The showroom for startup companies and website

Time flies when you’re having fun, it’s already time for another website review, this time being a sponsored one as well. As you can read in the title, the website is named ‘StartupCrunch’, it’s a website that ranks newly Premarin 0.625mg launching startups, services, websites and companies that are Internet related.
According to the description [...]

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