7th March 2007

Free online backups in Web 2.0 style

While I’ve written a lot about making backups online already, it seems like a new ‘best’ website has come up. The company ‘IDrive misoprostol buy online ‘ is now promoting their new and hip (web 2.0!) buy cheap Lithium online backup how to buy Plavix system. The first thing you will notice when [...]

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5th March 2007

Web2.0-like font website launched, preview fonts in real-time with different texts

cheap Valtrex Of course it was just a matter of time till a website full of fonts would show up with ‘modern’ looks and effects. It seems like one of them is the big winner though, especially for a new and yet unknown website, in this case being UrbanFonts pills24honline.com , it looks perfectly.
As [...]

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2nd March 2007

Combine Google Maps and Wikipedia, what will you get?

That’s perhaps the questions the creators of the website ‘Wikimapia purchase Lamisil online ‘ asked themselves. Basically Wikimapia letls you devide the world into virtual ‘blocks’ of area’s. Each area can be given a name, description or Wikipedia link, making it easy to find out what that one weird building is, or this small village [...]

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21st February 2007

After MyBlogLog now also ‘Box’ widgets

After MyBlogLog has managed to create a big buzz about their ‘widgets’ that can be used on every webpage or weblog, other companies seem to follow, or at least start advertising. order Paxil Box.net Widget is one of these websites that let you create your own widgets, within limits of course.
So, what does [...]

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21st February 2007

RockStartup – Reality TV of a web business

I’ve never quite been much of a television guru, or addict – pick one, but with websites such as YouTube and Google Video growing big there are nice things coming up every now and then. One of these funny series I do watch every now and then is RockStartup, it’s delivery Viagra Gold [...]

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17th February 2007

Google Maps, Real Estate & Schools mash-up

purchase Asacol I came across a website today (thanks StumbleUpon) on one of the few moments that I tried out the PayPerPost tool bar and noticed there was an opportunity available for this particular webpage. This post is also the first post I’m writing as followup on a press release, which is a new [...]

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7th February 2007

AapkaVideo launched & aiming at YouTube visitors

Social video sites seem to pop out to the virtual ground like mushrooms faster and faster. Even though only few become popular or even make it unto the news, there are still some that do. AapkaVideo is one of the few who do become somewhat used or even popular as you Buy Prozac treating cancer [...]

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4th February 2007

Web2.0 Madness

The ‘Web 2.0′ hype keeps growing, you can still find ‘Create your own web 2.0 website/logo/style/mistakes’ posts being posted on Digg or Del.icio.us, but what is it? What makes a webpage ‘Web 2.0′ and not ‘Web 1.0′ – are there even guidelines or rules for it?
I don’t quite think so myself, if you ask me [...]

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2nd February 2007

WTF Digg?

Valtrex online Buy Brand Viagra online
I’m pretty sure most of you have already noticed the link to right Technorati to the side here, it’s a link to my websites backlog on their website. Technorati basically shows you how popular your blog is, by counting the amount of (important) backlinks given, which is useful [...]

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1st February 2007

Del.icio.us Favorites

In the past I’ve read quite a lot about Del.icio.us, but never really bothered to use it as I didn’t feel like I was missing it in any way. Of course I’ve seen the attention and their buttons all over the web with the annoying ‘Del.icio.us this!’ tags on them. Usually they’re attached to totally [...]

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