25th December 2007

Blogging, up and downsides

When I look back at this year, or at least as far as it has come for now, I can say without hesitating it’s been quite a year for me. All the way back in January I started blogging, for money, that is, and a lot has changed for me ever since.
In the beginning I [...]

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17th August 2007

Eek, I’m making the same mistake as before again!

In the past I made many mistakes, just like basically everyone who starts with something new, no matter if it’s digital or not. One of my biggest mistakes was not blogging frequently enough to bother the visitors of my website enough to keep them coming back!
It’s fairly easy to spot that kind of trouble, especially [...]

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21st May 2007

I’m featured on the lists of blogger salaries!

It took me quite a while to figure out – I admit I don’t check incoming links to my blog that often – but I discovered I’m featured on buy Indocin online Paula’s list of blogger salaries Cialis online !
Basically that list is a summary of a load of bloggers – about 60 – [...]

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17th April 2007

Should you be blogging biased?

A guest blogger, Aaron Wall, has published a pretty interesting article on Problogger yesterday, Accutane online Colchicine online get Diflucan discussing whether to blog neutral or biased. The outcome is somewhat predictable; blogging biased, while still staying reasonable and non-offensive.
While this might seem obvious, there are still a lot of people out [...]

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1st April 2007

The blog style of making a lot of money online – March 2007

When I started with ‘Leftblank.nl’ I never had the intention of making money blogging – in fact, I didn’t expect it to become anything but a nice playground for myself. After about five months of blogging, with three of them intensive and paid, I can say I don’t regret starting with it at all, not [...]

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28th March 2007

Banana photo competition – Win one year hosting!

purchasing Plavix The title of this post might be a little ‘out of the ordinary’, but I that’s the goal of this competition. The content is held here on Leftblank, and is sponsored by order misoprostol online Banana Hosting Order Disulfiram , a hosting company with, as you might guess, a banana as [...]

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12th March 2007

Nofollow is killing the web at it’s roots; hyperlinks being handicapped.

Ever since the famous World Wide Web was formed and standardized, pages and documents have been connecting themselves with all kinds of other documents and pages through hyper links. These links often weren’t between ‘just’ HTTP powered pages, in fact, it started even before that particular protocol was widely used.
When the HTML format was created [...]

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7th March 2007

5 Tips on securing your Wordpress blog from spam comments and pings

No matter where or how you host your blog, sooner or later you’ll notice unwanted comments or trackback pings coming up – this is especially the case with a weblog powered by popular software such as Wordpress. Luckily, there are also several ways to block or filter this kind of trash from the ‘real’ [...]

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3rd March 2007

New (important) Wordpress version: 2.1.2

Most bloggers must have heard already of the upgrade of Wordpress last night; it shows up on your Dashboard, you know, the first page you see when you login to Wordpress. Anyway, for those who don’t; a new version of Wordpress has been released generic Toradol buy Retin-A online , number 2.1.2.
The reason of [...]

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1st March 2007

The growth of my blog continues – February income recap

I’ve written a lot about making money online, advertising your weblog and monetizing it, however, nothing is better to post than your own experience. That’s exactly what I’ll post here.
Even though February has three days less than the month January, of which I reported my income as well, I’ve managed to increase my blog income [...]

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