26th February 2007

Get into the Technorati top-22000!

It looks like Technorati has a – pleasant – bug at the moment. Of course it’s not impossible Leftblank has a 225 backlinks from 165 blogs, but let’s just say it’s unlikely. Even though I simply love to read ‘Rank: 21,375′ on my Technorati links page Order Retin-A online get Asacol buy brand [...]

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23rd February 2007

Blog income recap of January, thanks to paid blogging.

Leftblank has been my weblog for quite a while now already, but I started actively blogging on it back in October. I started blogging for PayPerPost one and a half month ago, closing towards the two months already; it’s time for a recap of my ‘earnings’ so far. I’ve planned this post for a little [...]

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23rd February 2007

Another paid posting website spotted; LoudLaunch

cheap Colchicine While I’ve been posting for PayPerPost for quite a while now, almost two months already, it’s never wrong to look out for alternatives as you never know what might happen with it. For that reason I’ve been browsing on the web some and I came across a PPP-’rival’, named LoudLaunch.
You almost can’t [...]

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22nd February 2007

Say hi to John Chow

Yesterday, my time, my favorite blog author, John Chow, featured my blog in his ‘News from top commentators‘ article. I was quite happy to see he linked to me this time last time he had an action like this I wasn’t one of the lucky few who got featured.
To be a little more more exact, [...]

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21st February 2007

New versions of Wordpress have been released

It took me quite some hours to notice, but there it was, a notice on my Wordpress ‘Dashboard’, you know, the page with all those old headlines you see when you login. Two new versions of Wordpress have been released to the public, containing some bugfixes for the current Wordpress 2.10 as well as security [...]

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16th February 2007

Website running again

When I first glimpsed at Leftblank this morning I saw a horrible thing; nothing. Apparently the guys at WebXtra (Dutch), my web-host, did some maintenance on one of their server that didn’t turn out as expected: the PHP5 module was corrupt.
The good news though is that it’s all working again now, 10 hours after my [...]

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10th February 2007

Website finally converted

It took me quite a while to get everything ported and converted, but eventually it went pretty smooth, especially due to the fantastic RSS import function of Wordpress, which I unfortunately discovered way too late, but still did its job pretty well.
Anyway; here the website is again, I’ve tried to make it look like an [...]

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9th February 2007

How *not* to import your posts using Wordpress

Today I’ve been “fighting” with my computer and server to get all my posts over from my old MODx website over to the ‘new’ Wordpress buy Cytotec cheap powered version. To do so I figured it would be ‘easy’ to use phpMyAdmin to modify my SQL database to gain the format used by Wordpress.
After [...]

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8th February 2007

I’m afraid it’s going to be a busy pre-weekend

metoclopramide online cheap Proscar cheap Toradol It’s only wednesday and I’m already thinking about the weekend and possible gaps in my schedule… Not quite the right attitude – I suppose – but I’m also a bit lazy, just like most of the people. Anyhow, this means not much time for blogging nor [...]

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6th February 2007

Google gives links back!

Basically everyone knows the order Colchicine link:leftblank.nl search query on Google; it’ll display a sample of all web pages linking to your domain or URL. Google has never before displayed all the links because they’ve been afraid of abuse; people would be able to exactly calculate the way Google gives pages their PageRank score.

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