12th October 2007

Google Airlines…?

The billionaire Google founders have yet another extraordinary private yet. In addition to the two Gulfstream Vs and a Boeing 767, they now aquired rights to land another plane on the Moffett Field airport (which is operated by NASA, and close to the Google HQ’s). The rights now cost a whopping $1.3 million per year.
The [...]

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9th October 2007

‘Looking for Torchbearers’, 2008 Olympics

Samsung -being a sponsor of the 29th Olympics in Bejing- is looking for people who want to bear the Olympic torch. On the European Samsung site you can nominate both yourself or someone else who you think deserves such an honor.
There are of course some requirements for those who want to be nominated, amongst some [...]

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25th September 2007

Buy yourself a new hair look?

Yesterday seemed to be a little theme day over here with the subject ‘presents’, discounts simply rock of course. However, when you’re completely done with that, you might want to look to find something you’ll like yourself.
An example of that could perhaps be a pack of ghd hair straighteners Cheap Lamisil order Cytotec , [...]

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24th September 2007

Cut costs with MaternityCard

Insurance companies aren’t stupid. For example, if you’d want an insurance policy for fire damage when your house just burned down, that will obviously be impossible. The same is true for pregnancy, if you find yourself pregnant without a maternity health insurance, it will be impossible to still get one. However, there are solutions [...]

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24th September 2007

Got injured? A law office could help.

Luckily nor I nor one of my family members have been into serious collisions or accidents so far that’d require an attorney to decide who to blame… However, plenty of people do every day, which are just the ones that order albuterol Nebraska Personal Injury Attorney’s are trying to contact for their services.
This office [...]

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23rd September 2007

Order your work or outdoor boots online

how to buy Plan B In case you’re just one of those ‘Joe Average’ types out there who just sit at their office 8 hours a day, step into the car to drive home in an hour and then sit down on their sofa till the next morning, you might like the Danner boots [...]

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22nd September 2007

Automate your time tracking online

Cialis online buy Aciclovir order Viagra While I thought time tracking was pretty much something that was mainly used in the past, for things such as regular labour in factories, reading the Journyx page on their time tracking software showed I was pretty much wrong.
Perhaps I should’ve thought a bit further, as [...]

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10th September 2007

Samsung holding 3 Guinness World Records 2008

On I4U Buy Fluoxetine Cialis Professional no prescription I read quite some interesting news the other day; Samsung has announced that they’ve managed to get three of their mobile phones in the Guinness book of World Records (2008 edition).
The three phones that hold these records are the Samsung SGH-U100, with his 5.9mm [...]

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2nd September 2007

Back to school – Time to get new ink?

For quite a bit group in both Europe and the United States, the summer holiday will be ending shortly – or already has come to an end. Basically this will mean – for most people – back to work or school, getting back to the regular work.
Usually this comes with a lot of printing for [...]

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19th August 2007

Had a tough holiday with too much alcohol? Rehab might be the thing!

Okay, I’ve got to admit; once again I’ve written a tabloid headline for this relatively serious subject. Nonetheless it’s a useful thing to keep in mind, after all more and more people seem to suffer from addictions of any sort, with them more and more teenagers.
Echo Malibu is one of the sites aiming at [...]

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