19th July 2007

What to do with your free time this summer?

The summer holidays are generally a long period of time to relax some, perhaps enjoy the sun, though that hasn’t been too easy here in Europe lately due to the weather. But, despite this general idea behind the summer holidays, there are also other ways of spending your holiday of course, some might even call [...]

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17th July 2007

USA holiday homes for rent on one big site

This blog is still in the summer theme, with this time, a site named Rentals.com – quite a catchy domain – and contains order Nolvadex Generic Viagra houses for rent all over the United States. To clear that part up a bit, it contains links to all sort of houses that are for [...]

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14th July 2007

Another huge player on the property market

While I thought Fish4 was just on a temporary advertising rage the other day, when I wrote a review of their current website with the various job offers, it actually seems like they’re here to stay with their ‘all in one’ website.
A short version of what I wrote yesterday; Fish4’s jobs section is aiming [...]

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13th July 2007

Find your ideal (holiday) job online

As I posted earlier, by now nearly everyone in Europe, and most likely also big parts of America and Asia are in their summer holidays right now; the ideal moment to go on a nice trip, or as a lot of scholars and students prefer, the ideal moment to look for a holiday job to [...]

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9th July 2007

Challenge the Top Gear ’stars’ online

Top Gear, who doesn’t love the show? It’s generally speaking broadcasted by the British BBC, which can be viewed in most (European) countries as well as just about any country outside Europe or the US using a satellite dish. The program is quite flamed a lot, for instance for their promotions of irresponsible driving, preferring [...]

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7th July 2007

Your hard disk crashed, what now?

Despite all the tips you can find on this blog concerning making backups, restoring them and more, it might still happen that you completely screw things up. Perhaps you dropped your PC down the stairs, kicked your hard drive while it wasn’t secured – I don’t know.
When you’re this far beyond the edge of [...]

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6th July 2007

Broadband comparisons for the UK

Lately I’ve been receiving quite a few post requests from ‘my sponsors’ again, despite the fact it’s becoming summer, which usually means a ‘dead’ period for the Internet. Nonetheless, you wont hear me complain, so here we go!
The site I’ll be writing about is named BroadbandSuppliers.co.uk and is listing various broadband providers in various listings, [...]

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2nd July 2007

Seamless Windows integration into your Ubuntu installation

Today I came across a little howto on the web on ‘10 minutes to run every Windows app on your Ubuntu desktop order Paxil online ‘. I got quite interested by it as I tend to use Ubuntu every now and then – fullt ime if I’d manage to get CSS working fine in Wine [...]

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1st July 2007

Free printers give-away for (small) businesses

An interesting opportunity came up on PayPerPost today; a promotion for a website that likes to be linked to as ‘ buy ventolin buy levonorgestrel The Best Business class color printers for FREE! ‘.
What this website does is smart, but I haven’t seen it (a lot) earlier; using this site you’ll be able [...]

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29th June 2007

The Microsoft MGX coming up again – Where do the rich bloggers sleep?

The annual Microsofts annual MGX Conference, officially named Microsoft Global Experience, meeting is up ahead again. For the outsiders, which includes me, this meeting is one that nearly all ‘big’, or ‘rich’, sales folks, consultants and evangelists attend to in the hope of learning new stuff, or simply to have a lot of fun with [...]

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