15th July 2007

Contact lenses discounts online – Useful?

As you could’ve read on this fancy web log, I’ve been writing all posts in the past days in the summer style, so I’ll try to keep up that style for this sponsored post as well, if I can just manage to do get enough inspiration, that is.
Fact is that it’s not too easy to [...]

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11th July 2007

Official holiday season has finally started

It was about time, but finally my holidays have started. Basically it means a whole lot of relaxing, staying in bed way too long and browsing the web till I’m completely sick of it. Last year that took at least several weeks, time will tell what this years record will be!
Though it seems perfect to [...]

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28th March 2007

Net neutrality is at risk, beware of your rights!

A hot issue, or well, let’s say ‘medium-hot’ issue on the web is ‘net neutrality’. Net neutrality basically is the idea of the Internet being a natural, unregulated and free (as in freedom and treating male impotence beer). This idea has been controversial, and endangered, for many years already, as Internet service providers [...]

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19th March 2007

Comfortable chairs and furniture, for office and home usage

There is only one reason I don’t skip my Mondays; there are always interesting blogging opportunities coming up on Monday. And yup, just like I expected, today another interesting opp was posted on PayPerPost. Todays subject will be the company ‘Bizchair‘, who – as you might see – sell all kinds of business related furniture, [...]

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15th March 2007

Motorola Motofone F3 – An easy phone for the less phone addicted

Even though I’ve managed without a (usable) mobile phone for quite a while, it just has advantages to have one; you’re not always around a PC or regular phone. Before I get started, I’ve got something to explain; like I said I haven’t had a mobile phone for a long time. I doubt it’ll be [...]

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13th March 2007

Beware of how public you are with yourself – somewhat

Yesterday I read a pretty interesting and eye-opening article about privacy. Actually, the article was about tweaking Facebook’s privacy settings, in order to keep unwanted visitors, such as your boss or recruiter, out of it and just your friends in.
While I doubt a lot of people put up pictures of them smoking pot and using [...]

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27th February 2007

Waterskiing is cool and blogging material again!

A friend, who broke his leg on the first day of his wakeboarding break by the way, linked me to a quite interesting site looking for some exposure. It’s actually a web site about Clonidine Online water skiing, a kind that you don’t quite seem to find a lot on the web, at least [...]

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23rd February 2007

Virtual Oscars party; a tad weird?

Today I finally found a somewhat suiting opportunity on PayPerPost, a tad weird one though, it’s an opportunity about the Oscar Awards, but again it’s not. The opportunity is about the article ‘ purchase Viagra online Fluconazole no prescription Combivent without prescription Intimate Guide Academy Awards coverage‘ which will be posted shortly after [...]

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8th February 2007

I’m afraid it’s going to be a busy pre-weekend

metoclopramide online cheap Proscar cheap Toradol It’s only wednesday and I’m already thinking about the weekend and possible gaps in my schedule… Not quite the right attitude – I suppose – but I’m also a bit lazy, just like most of the people. Anyhow, this means not much time for blogging nor [...]

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25th January 2007

Being Belisi

A little while ago I also wrote a sponsored post about Belisi Fashions, that time dedicated at the blog of the firm, but this time I’ll be posting my buzz on their main website, which – to keep things clear and easy – is also some sort of weblog, but then maintained by multiple employees, [...]

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