24th January 2007

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Like you might have noticed a lot lately, I’m blogging for ‘Pay Per Post’ every now and then, simply because it’s an interesting way to find new subjects for my blog, but also because they hand out fair rewards for my effort. This post is also one of these, this time on [...]

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18th January 2007

Week almost over!

Finally, it’s Thursday, I can’t wait for it to become Friday, I’ve had two tests today, one writing an article in Dutch and one Chemics, it’s been a horrible day, but at least it’s almost over now. Only one test left, this time about poems, can’t wait for it to be gone… Buy Topamax on [...]

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15th January 2007

Monday passed

Finally, I’ve survived this Monday; two tests and as far as I can guess it now. I’ve made them, physics (part 1) and history fairly well. Not less than a 7,5/10 for sure, which is pretty decent.
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14th January 2007

Dear Mr. President

A song originally made by PINK and the Indigo Girls, ‘Dear Mr. President’, changed into a new – pretty shocking – form, no doubt worth watching. I don’t think you can find a more appropriate song for Bush .
What kind of father would take his own daughter’s rights away
And what kind of father might [...]

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14th January 2007

Busy… busy…

I’ve got one big worthless week ahead; 5 days, 11 tests, all way too long and about way too much subjects. Basically I can’t wait till it’s over, but that is going to take a little while, sadly.

The good news though is that I’ll be going to the university ‘TU Delft’ the next week; I’ve [...]

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1st January 2007

Happy 2007!

Happy new year 2007 everybody! When I first started this webpage I didnt expect to get any visitors at all, but now, after roughly two months of serious blogging, Ive noticed that there are quite some people who frequently read my blog, which makes me very happy – I didnt expect it at all.

My [...]

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21st December 2006


Finally, the time is there, the holidays have started for me as well! Its a shame its only a relatively short break of two weeks here, but its better than nothing at buy valacyclovir all.

Im not quite sure what Ill be doing in the next two weeks, besides a few things, such as the [...]

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21st December 2006

Other perspectives (photo report)

A few days ago I came across the site Tema.ru, its a website full of wonderful pictures of the author visiting plenty of exotic countries around the world. Theres quite a lot nice pictures with them, such as from Kazachstan and North Korea, places the most people wont even consider as next years summer trip.

The [...]

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16th November 2006

Poor Kiwis

Usually it isnt my thing to post media here, but this little animation video is an exception. Its all about a little bird, a kiwi (not fruit!), that has made some fantastic plans in order to be able to do what it always wanted to, simply genious.

ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube [...]

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4th November 2006

Santa's coming

Judging by the contents of quite some shops we’re somewhere around 10th of December, aren’t we? Well, no, we’re not, it’s early November, but the first christmas-ads have been spotted on the web, as well as on TV already, isn’t that ridiculous? If you ask me it is.

The positive thing of this is though that [...]

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