21st May 2009

PHP Framework benchmark: Zend, CodeIgniter & CakePHP

While coding some PHP for simple up to moderately complicated websites I’ve often wondered whether or not I picked the right tools for the job. As most people know by now, the easiest way nowadays to build a website is to use a prebuild CMS such as Joomla – however if you’re fine with the [...]

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17th August 2007

Eek, I’m making the same mistake as before again!

In the past I made many mistakes, just like basically everyone who starts with something new, no matter if it’s digital or not. One of my biggest mistakes was not blogging frequently enough to bother the visitors of my website enough to keep them coming back!
It’s fairly easy to spot that kind of trouble, especially [...]

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30th May 2007

Use smart keywords to find specific things on Google

The scenario is almost a cliché, you’re looking for a specific thing, such as a comparison of two products, but you simply can’t find the right result due to the huge load of hits – or perhaps very small amount. With some common sense and smart usage of keywords you can find a lot more [...]

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24th May 2007

The 9 essential type of blogsposts for the wannabe famous bloggers on the web

Collis, the guy who runs North By East, has written a pretty interesting article titled ‘ Buy Viagra online The 9 Essential Posts that Every Blogger Should Know‘. This post explains the 9 different kinds of often used posts to fill up your website with content, without actually having to spent a lot of timing [...]

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22nd May 2007

Seven habits of successful bloggers – according to John Chow

The ‘almighty’ John Chow has posted a pretty interesting article a little while back, covering the seven six habits that successful bloggers have Premarin Fast shipping , according to him. I’d perhaps rather name them ‘guidelines’, as I doubt all successful bloggers follow them on a daily basis; blogging is a tough job, even if [...]

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7th May 2007

What options to promote your blog do you have?

Perhaps the second most important thing about a blog might be website promotion buy Mebendazole buy Cialis online , of course content comes first, but what’s the use of your content if no one is able to find or read it? To actually make your blog findable there are various options available, such as [...]

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5th May 2007

How to give your blog a professional look with a custom favicon

While browsing the web you might have noticed a lot of websites have fancy icons with their logo or name visible on page tabs or to the left of your address field in your browser, these icons are usually named ‘favicons’. It might look like they’re just there to fancy things up, which is partly [...]

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10th April 2007

George Bush goes SEO – #1 on failure again

One of the most known internet jokes has been searching for ‘failure’ on Google’s website, using the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button, that way you were taken to the website of George Bush directly. Besides this being just funny and looking like some Google-made conspiracy, it’s actual the logical follow-up of the way a lot of [...]

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4th April 2007

48 Common blogging mistakes to avoid by reading these articles

A little while back I wrote an article for the group blogging project ‘Blogging Mistakes’, explaining how to improve your blogs performance by sticking to a good permalink structure on your blog. I enjoyed writing it, especially since it’s an article explaining something I did wrong, helping another user not to do so.
I didn’t expect [...]

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29th March 2007

Use a smart permalink structure on your blog when setting it up

When I first started to try out blogging a little – more than half a year ago – I had never heard of search engine optimization in my life. For a couple of months I had used the ‘good old’, but highly inefficient and unreadable ?p=%id% default format. Quite some SEO professionals don’t think [...]

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