28th March 2007

A new ‘type’ of website directory, is it worth the effort?

Indocin online buy esomeprazole Even though I posted a little while back about a list of somewhat ‘classical’ versions of website directories, that often list your website for free, Big Web Links Directory order Professional Viagra is a new take on the whole website directory concept.
While these more ‘classic’ versions of website [...]

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26th March 2007

Free Google monitor; check out your rankings for various keywords at once

It’s no secret anymore, a lot of people know it – hence, I even blogged about it: I’m a statistics addict. One of the first thing I do when I start up my PC is checking the Google PageRank, Alexa and Technorati rank of this website – simply because I’m curious if I managed to [...]

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23rd March 2007

How to: Redirect www to no-www or vice versa on your website

As most web developers and ‘web masters’ already seem to know is that Google PageRank – the nice ranking from 0 up to 10 you see when you use the Google toolbar – is based on links from and to each individual page. In case you’d like to know the PageRank of your website before [...]

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21st March 2007

John Chow broke the top 100!

I’d just like to say, congratulations John buy Cytotec Albendazole online Zithromax to sale , you did it! After just half a year or so of actively blogging, he managed to get his website into the top 100 of Technorati, not many people can say they managed that.

Ok, perhaps it didn’t went totally [...]

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20th March 2007

Increase your PageRank by submitting your website to free directories

In the past I’ve written quite a few articles about ways to increase your website PageRank or other sorts of ratings, actually, my SEO category cheap Proscar is full of these kinds of posts. Luckily, these kinds of tips tend to work well; very well. I’m usually trying them out of my own website [...]

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16th March 2007

Alternative advertising; online ad gambling

Pretty much like everyone on the web knows rock-paper-scissors, in addition to that nearly everyone on the web knows it’s a nice place to advertise in order to promote yourself, your cause or your website. The owners of cheap Professional Viagra www.headforthetop.com buy Cytotec must’ve seen that as a pretty nice combination.
Using their [...]

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12th March 2007

Nofollow is killing the web at it’s roots; hyperlinks being handicapped.

Ever since the famous World Wide Web was formed and standardized, pages and documents have been connecting themselves with all kinds of other documents and pages through hyper links. These links often weren’t between ‘just’ HTTP powered pages, in fact, it started even before that particular protocol was widely used.
When the HTML format was created [...]

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3rd March 2007

Google AdWords eBook exposing ’secrets’ released

As you might know; Google AdWords is the advertisers’ side of Google AdSense, currently one of the biggest, if not the biggest, advertising companies for websites available at this moment. The nice part of AdWords is that you’ll usually only pay for the advertising when users actually click your advertisements, that way you’ll be sure [...]

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3rd March 2007

Yet another SEO company: Toronto

As you might have noticed, I’ve written about a lot of SEO companies lately, it might not surprise you – SEO opps are pretty common on the web, as advertising is part of what they do best; giving a website exposure. Every now and then a new opportunity comes up that I consider worthy enough [...]

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28th February 2007

7 Essential SEO related Firefox extensions

The relatively new blog ‘Adyacker’ posted a quite interesting article on the web a little while ago, listing some interesting Firefox extensions. These extensions were linked to with the title of ‘7 Essential Firefox Extensions [..]‘.
A couple of these extensions, or plugins as I tend to call them, are pretty interesting, I think he might [...]

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