23rd January 2008

Teach Thunderbird how to reply like Outlook

While I’ve been a Thunderbird user for ages already, it has taken me ages to get used a bit to the ‘minimalist’ way of quoting or replying in Thunderbird.
For those who haven’t noticed, instead of the detailed information Outlook shows you when you decide to reply or forward an e-mail, Thunderbird by default only gives [...]

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23rd October 2007

Save your precious data…

Who hasn’t heard ‘Make sure you backup all your important data frequently, you never know when it might come in handy!’ before? Not too many people I guess. Nonetheless, I’m very sure even less people actually have made backups of their documents, photos or other important data in the past month…
Personally I’m worthless as well [...]

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24th September 2007

Get rid of annoying options in your right click menu

Who doesn’t know the standard scenario, you installed your PC ages ago, and ever since options have been coming into your right click menu in Windows; your anti virus, media players, adware remover and perhaps even some adware itself…
Often these options slow down the right click menu to appear, highly annoying if you’re as much [...]

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24th September 2007

Not happy with Vista? MS: Downgrade to XP!

purchase Prozac The title isn’t true for everyone, though Microsoft has, surprisingly, silently given all their enterprise and OEM clients the option to downgrade the licenses to the good old XP, instead of the Vista Business and Ultimate editions – not weird that people demand this, it happens after every update, but it’s the [...]

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24th September 2007

First GPL lawsuit a fact?

Nearly all tech savvy users have at least read the name ‘GPL’ once or so when they’ve installed some free (as in free speech, not beer) software, such as OpenOffice.Org or perhaps Foobar. Only few of them actually know what they click to accept though; the GPL license forces you to share the software under [...]

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10th August 2007

The slimmest PDF reader available on the web!

Personally, when it comes to computers, I’m a speed maniac. Every few seconds I have to wait for an application are in fact a waste of time, which is also the reason I’ve been using fast and trimmed down applications for a long while already.
One of them used to be ‘ buy Nolvadex FoxIT Reader [...]

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4th July 2007

Upload files to any website with File Uploader

The vacations are coming up again, which generally means making a lot of pictures for a lot of people. With digtal camera’s taking over the world and such, it’s becoming more and more popular to share these photo’s with friends and family, sometimes even with the whole world.

The problem with a whole load of photo’s [...]

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30th June 2007

Copy files at maximum speed using TeraCopy

Hard disks are slow, very slow, most likely you’ve noticed this at least a couple of times in the past weeks when for instance copying a big file from one partition to another or to another PC. You can’t do too much about that, though you can speed up the way Windows transfers files a [...]

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26th June 2007

The easy Windows magnifier

Microsoft recently bought a company with the name of SYSInternals last year, and finally they’ve released a bunch of the tools they got their hands on when buying it. Lasix no prescription order Propranolol online
One of these tools is ‘ZoomIt v1.50‘, which is available for free for all Windows versions, even the [...]

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24th June 2007

The easiest visual remote PC software on the web?

Tech savvy people tend to be lazy, very lazy. Perhaps you could also consider it inventive, but speaking from my own experiences, mostly lazy. That’s most likely also the point where software was created to connect to remote access another PC.
As I’m also fairly tech savvy, and above all, pretty lazy (read: inventive) myself [...]

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