4th July 2007

Upload files to any website with File Uploader

The vacations are coming up again, which generally means making a lot of pictures for a lot of people. With digtal camera’s taking over the world and such, it’s becoming more and more popular to share these photo’s with friends and family, sometimes even with the whole world.

The problem with a whole load of photo’s [...]

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6th April 2007

Favorite Greasemonkey scripts – find your own perfect one!

A short while ago I wrote an article about the ‘incredible’ Firefox extension named ‘Greasemonkey’; this extension will allow you to run any sort of javascript on webpages before (or while) you’re viewing it, in order to remove annoying behavior or actually add new things to them. As there are tons of Greasemonkey scripts out [...]

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19th March 2007

Greasemonkey: Make the web look like you want it with prefab or custom code

In the Mozilla Firefox extension database you can find tons of extensions to make the web look like you want it (themes), make it act like you want it to (mouse gestures) and even sound like you want it (Foxytunes). These addons for Firefox do require some serious programming; it’s nearly impossible to make one [...]

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28th February 2007

7 Essential SEO related Firefox extensions

The relatively new blog ‘Adyacker’ posted a quite interesting article on the web a little while ago, listing some interesting Firefox extensions. These extensions were linked to with the title of ‘7 Essential Firefox Extensions [..]‘.
A couple of these extensions, or plugins as I tend to call them, are pretty interesting, I think he might [...]

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18th February 2007

Firefox extension ‘Search Status’, view your Google PR and Alexa ranking while surfing.

In order to make the life of a webmaster or rather a blogger who’s both addicted to statistics, I’m using various extensions and enhancements in my Firefox browser. The reason a lot of people want to know their ranks is the fact that prices of advertising or posting about certain products are often directly [...]

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1st February 2007

Del.icio.us Favorites

In the past I’ve read quite a lot about Del.icio.us, but never really bothered to use it as I didn’t feel like I was missing it in any way. Of course I’ve seen the attention and their buttons all over the web with the annoying ‘Del.icio.us this!’ tags on them. Usually they’re attached to totally [...]

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11th January 2007

Add 3D effects to your Firefox Tabs!

A nice new Firefox extension has been found on the Mozilla website, it’s named ‘Tab Effect‘, which describes pretty much of what it does, namely, giving your tabs funky effects.

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If you’ve ever played with Clonidine without prescription Indocin online XGL/Compiz on Linux, the tab effect is similar to the cube-switching [...]

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