20th June 2007

Another file backup company advertising on the web

It almost seems like a cliché; websites on the web that chit chat about file backups, recovery or storage. This also goes for the website Disulfiram online The Vegas Files.
The not so catchy link coming with this advert is ‘Invaluable off-site backup of your documents, spreadsheets, photos, music and more with theVegasFiles.com order naltrexone [...]

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20th June 2007

Enlarge your Windows Vista’s alt-tab thumbnails

buy Lasix online treat breast cancer The weblog Cybernet has posted a highly interesting tweak for Windows Vista users with a big screen, bad eyes or both! When hitting alt+tab in Windows Vista you’ll be provided with the brand new application switching tool which gives thumbs of the applications running.
Sadly these are fixed [...]

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12th June 2007

The history of backup in one webpage

The usage of computers is already becoming very mainstream, above all, it’s becoming ‘normal’. Considering the age of mainstream computer usage it’s not too weird. As computers are old, so is the making of backups – after all, you don’t want to lose your data, whether it’s saved on a hard disk, magnetic tape or [...]

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9th June 2007

The ultimate file recovery software

Quite a while ago I wrote about some file recovery software, which worked pretty ‘ok’, for the couple of files I lost in some stupid actions while trying to ‘clean’ up my hard drive. Big hint to everyone, do not, and I’m really honest about this, do not try to clean up your hard disk [...]

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7th June 2007

The easiest anti-crap software on the web?

Alright, perhaps the title isn’t entirely true, but Spy Sweeper surely is easy software to use. After installing the software you’ve got to make your way through a couple of wizards to get your settings all handled correctly, but after that you’re almost finished in cleaning up your PC.
The drawback of a lot of spyware [...]

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2nd June 2007

Minimize any application to your tray – Both Windows and Linux

The system tray, doesn’t eveyrone love to see applications down there, semi out of sight but yet easy to resume or be alerted by. Sadly ‘out of the box’ only few applications (and OSes) support minimizing to tray as a program function.
Luckikly there are solutions for that, for both Linux – supporting Gnome, KDE, Xfce, [...]

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1st June 2007

Windows tip: Control iTunes using keyboard shortcuts

Just like a lot of fellow users on this planet I’m a frequent, or better to say full time, user of the software iTunes, which was made by Apple and is highly compatible with their own line of mp3 players; the iPod.
Unlike a bunch of other players iTunes lacks a lot of customizability. Generally speaking [...]

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19th May 2007

File recovery – Don’t you just wish you’ve got that build-in with Windows?

It happens to the best; you accidentally select the wrong file and permanently delete it… Of course the best have back up for that, but Joe Average the computer user doesn’t, especially not for very recent files.
Luckily there are other ways to get your files back, such as professional data recovery centers or expensive software [...]

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18th May 2007

GoalEnforcer – Software to track your goals

Planning and keep track of your plans; those two things might just be the most important things while blogging. Don’t follow the right path while developing your website or SEO outline and you might harm yourself or perhaps even diminish hours of work.
Of course there are low-tech options to stay on top of these things, [...]

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17th May 2007

Gaim renamed to Pidgin and v2 final released

order Indocin online In case you don’t know what Gaim is, I’ll start off with that, Gaim is formerly known as the one and only actively developed multi-network instant messaging client, with capabilities of using networks such as Yahoo, MSN, IRC, ICQ, Google IM and many many more. However, due to Order No [...]

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