6th February 2010

Useful Webhosting Comparison

Just about anyone active on the huge interwebs we know nowadays will at some point get to the problem of figuring out what webhost to choose for your web hosting. Luckily we’ve got plenty of tools these days to pick the right webhost, such as Google, but also comparison sites such as Web Hosting Rate.
This [...]

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21st June 2007

BlueFur competition; win a 22″ widescreen monitor

This is just a short post to let you know BlueFur, a hosting company from Canada, has launched a pretty nice competition order Vermox online get Cialis Professional to promote the knowledge of their website. Well, that isn’t exactly the main goal, in fact the goal is to be claimed as ‘best blogging [...]

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13th June 2007

PayPerPost going public with their new deal – 7 million dollar in funds raised!

PayPerPost, you know, the company that yells their slogan ‘get paid to blog about the things you love’ out where ever they can, has gone public with their latest press release, which you can read below.

A brief summary; after giving the necessary presentations, making tons of phone calls and bribing various people with PPP opps (joking about the last one), PayPerPost has received 7 million US$ in funds from a company with the name ‘Inflexion Partners’ and ‘Village Ventures’ as well as new investor ‘DFJ Gotham’. With this additional cash their total capital raised is over $10 million, giving them a lot of potential for further growth and development.

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22nd May 2007

Seven habits of successful bloggers – according to John Chow

The ‘almighty’ John Chow has posted a pretty interesting article a little while back, covering the seven six habits that successful bloggers have Premarin Fast shipping , according to him. I’d perhaps rather name them ‘guidelines’, as I doubt all successful bloggers follow them on a daily basis; blogging is a tough job, even if [...]

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21st May 2007

I’m featured on the lists of blogger salaries!

It took me quite a while to figure out – I admit I don’t check incoming links to my blog that often – but I discovered I’m featured on buy Indocin online Paula’s list of blogger salaries Cialis online !
Basically that list is a summary of a load of bloggers – about 60 – [...]

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15th May 2007

‘Pimp’ your Wordpress WYSIWYG editor

Everyone familiar with Wordpress knows it’s using a fancy Javascript based What You See Is What You Get editor, allowing you to markup your articles as you go in an easy Word-like way. However, when you’ve been using it for longer than a couple of weeks, you’ll also notice a lot of things are missing, [...]

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11th May 2007

Guide towards Text Link Ads – Use its full potential!

Quite a lot of people have heard about the company ‘Text Link Ads‘, who offer various ways to make money with your weblog, site or forum. Of course the most known feature is their offering of , just like their name suggests, text links containing promotional links to the websites of publishers.
The only things you’ve [...]

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7th May 2007

What options to promote your blog do you have?

Perhaps the second most important thing about a blog might be website promotion buy Mebendazole buy Cialis online , of course content comes first, but what’s the use of your content if no one is able to find or read it? To actually make your blog findable there are various options available, such as [...]

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3rd May 2007

What do I like most about PayPerPost?

While I’ve been rather busy in the past days – I’m sorry! – I’ve finally found some time to add a new blogpost to my website. This time I’ll have a little chitchat about blog reviews buy Combivent online and mainly, as you could guess by reading the title, about PayPerPost cheap Prozac purchase [...]

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7th April 2007

The ultimate blog promotion tactic

The title of this post might be a little overdone – I’m sure there are other ways to promote your blog – but this one surely is one of the cheapest and most efficient ones: Start giving away goodies.
A tiny bit of maths will do most of the work; in example, you buy an iPod [...]

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