15th July 2007

Contact lenses discounts online – Useful?

As you could’ve read on this fancy web log, I’ve been writing all posts in the past days in the summer style, so I’ll try to keep up that style for this sponsored post as well, if I can just manage to do get enough inspiration, that is.

Fact is that it’s not too easy to write about a site that attempts to sell, or at least advise, as well as advertise contact lenses. Personally I’ve been lucky enough not to need them, though, just like with a whole lot of people on this world, the odds of needing them later on are fairly high.

Nevertheless, this website, which goes by the name Viagra online Natrexon price VisionDirect.Com, is a site that seems to mainly exists as some sort of web shop, or rather warehouse, for anything related to eyes, glasses and lenses. On the first page various advertisements of rebates, discounts and a bunch of example calculations show what you can expect of the site, though these ads are generally just as ordinary looking as the rest of the site – which could be hugely improved.

Further on the page you can various information regarding the huge amount of types that are available for these products, as well as spectacular prices and a bit of information on the site. Generally an interesting site when you’re looking to save some money, though I think it’s looking rather ugly, something that really needs to be changed!
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