15th October 2006


Sadly the schools have started again; it's somewhat like a disaster… You might think, what's wrong with it? Sitting in a class while eating out of your nose some and listening to some enthusiastic teacher. Sadly, that seems to be somewhat like an utopian view, I'd rather explain it like this; sitting in a [...]

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10th October 2006

I'm back!

After two weeks of in-field research in the so-called lands of the Czech Republik, I managed to return home safely.
During my two weeks of research I've discovered plenty of things, a few examples: First:: their language is impossible to understand – it rather sounds like Russian than any other West-European language. Second: it rains [...]

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4th October 2006

Domain Online

As you probably didn't notice, the domain is now finally up and running!

You can now simply access this somewhat empty website by going to http://leftblank.nl, hopefully metoclopramide without prescription this will at least improve the Google ranking – even though we're not listed yet!

I'm about to leave for my two week during in-field research [...]

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