24th November 2006

Google Analytics

About one year ago Google launched their new ‘tool’ Google Analytics to the public, as always, there has been quite some critics about it. So far the most reviews have been pretty positive about it, but that isn’t too much of a surprise; Google can’t do anything wrong in the eyes of quite some [...]

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16th November 2006

Poor Kiwis

Usually it isnt my thing to post media here, but this little animation video is an exception. Its all about a little bird, a kiwi (not fruit!), that has made some fantastic plans in order to be able to do what it always wanted to, simply genious.

ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube [...]

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12th November 2006


It took me quite some searching to finally find a little nifty tool
to do what I've been looking for: synchronizing my played tracks on my
iPod with my Last.fm profile. For those who've been living under a stoe
for the past years; an iPod is a popular music player. Last.fm
, on the other hand, is a [...]

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6th November 2006

Alternative Evolution Theory

I’ve just stumbled across this website (and theory) some weeks ago and I must say it’s exactly as comprehendable and realistic as Intelligent Design, with the only real difference that this ‘He’ is already painted, and pretty nice as well!

“I think we can all look forward to the time when these three theories are [...]

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4th November 2006

Santa's coming

Judging by the contents of quite some shops we’re somewhere around 10th of December, aren’t we? Well, no, we’re not, it’s early November, but the first christmas-ads have been spotted on the web, as well as on TV already, isn’t that ridiculous? If you ask me it is.

The positive thing of this is though that [...]

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