29th December 2006

Taiwan Earthquake

As you probably already heard, or perhaps even noticed, two days ago an undersea earthquake off the coast of Taiwan disrupted communications across east Asia by damaging cables that were on the bottom of the sea.
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The tremor struck at 12.26 GMT yesterday, and was measured at 7.1 on the Richter [...]

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29th December 2006

Microsoft's ad targetting

Microsoft has announced that theyve launched their world-wide behavioral targetting network in September, which resulted them in 5% more moneyflow. Their technology is under heavy critics because of the privacy riscs involved.

With behavioral advertising Microsoft combines the searchqueries of users with their personal information and online habits, in order to assemble a profile of [...]

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28th December 2006

AACS Cracked!

According to 'my friends' at Tweakers.net a guy named muslix64 has cracked the Aacs copy-protection used on HD-DVD's. The software muslix64 has written claims to be able to crack ´┐Żnd copy the contents of a HD-DVD.

Aacs, or Advanced Access Content System, is the technology used to protect HD-DVD's from being copied or played without [...]

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28th December 2006

Last.FM Updated

Apparently Last.fm has silently updated buy Albendazole online their website tonight; it is now available in eleven languages, thats nine more than what they used to offer. This isnt too shocking for those who have no trouble using English instead of another language that might be their native slang, but Im pretty sure [...]

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28th December 2006

Otfans Received PR 4!

After a long time of waiting my other website, Otfans.net , has received PR 4 from Google's algorithms. According to the UrlTrends log it's been like that for a month already, but my PageRank toolbar didn't say so.
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For those who think; PageRank? What's that? To quote Wikipedia :

PageRank is a link [...]

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