27th December 2006

Microsoft patenting RSS? Not quite.

A couple of days ago News.com published an article stating that Microsoft was trying to patent the phenomenon 'RSS-feed', to quote them:�

Microsoft has filed for two patents covering technology used to organize and read syndicated Web feeds, such as those delivered via the widely used Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, family of formats.

In addition [...]

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23rd December 2006

John Chow dot Com Review

Roughly two days ago John Chow of, you'd never guess that, John Chow dot Com, started a little 'competition' on his popular weblog. This was not much new, on the first glimpse, but the previous attempt didn't turn out to be much of a success because it was issued trough Pay Per Post [...]

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21st December 2006


Finally, the time is there, the holidays have started for me as well! Its a shame its only a relatively short break of two weeks here, but its better than nothing at buy valacyclovir all.

Im not quite sure what Ill be doing in the next two weeks, besides a few things, such as the [...]

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21st December 2006

Google Domain Services

About one week ago Google and GoDaddy have teamed up and came with a service for domain registration at Google, currently they are only offering the American and widely used TLDs .com, .net, .biz, and .info, its expected that theyll come up with a more international list next year. But, as clever as the Google [...]

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21st December 2006

Other perspectives (photo report)

A few days ago I came across the site Tema.ru, its a website full of wonderful pictures of the author visiting plenty of exotic countries around the world. Theres quite a lot nice pictures with them, such as from Kazachstan and North Korea, places the most people wont even consider as next years summer trip.

The [...]

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