28th February 2007

Link love for Locas Web Tech and other websites of the same guy

A little while back I wrote a blog review of Locas Web Tech, a website related to Seo Tactics, it was actually the first time this guy started to use the PayPerPost promotion/advertising option. After I submitted the review for approval I received a nice email of this ‘Locas’, stating he was impressed with my [...]

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28th February 2007

7 Essential SEO related Firefox extensions

The relatively new blog ‘Adyacker’ posted a quite interesting article on the web a little while ago, listing some interesting Firefox extensions. These extensions were linked to with the title of ‘7 Essential Firefox Extensions [..]‘.
A couple of these extensions, or plugins as I tend to call them, are pretty interesting, I think he might [...]

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28th February 2007

MusicTunes4u, yet another online music store

A new opportunity on PPP came up, this time a review/opinion on a music website, listening to the name and slogan of ” order misoprostol buy Lamisil MusicTunes4u.com – New Music order Colchicine “. Their website looks fairly nice, on the first sight you’ll be able to read a lot of music news and [...]

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28th February 2007

The seven most useful Internet Explorer 7 plugins

As you might know, Windows now comes with Internet Explorer 7, for quite a while already. This new version of IE is supposed to fix a lot of bugs and make the browser somewhat more modern. Even though Microsoft has been trying to do this a lot, I think they’ve missed the ‘web 2.0′ boat [...]

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28th February 2007

SanDisk’s iPodkiller reviewed

Roughly one year ago SanDisk started with their anti-iPod and anti-Apple campaign; “iDon’t“. This simple yet elegant action was trying to get the people away from their concurrent, the iPod, and towards their own player.
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The way they did this was fairly simple; claim the iPod is a nice [...]

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