27th February 2007

Windows: Warship edition in-store now!

The Register surprised me with a weird news article yesterday: ‘ delivery Viagra Gold Windows for Warships nears front line service order Cytotec online ‘. It seems like the British Royal Navy made a deal with uncle Bill to equip their antique ships with Microsoft. I can only imagine what the crew might think when [...]

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27th February 2007

Waterskiing is cool and blogging material again!

A friend, who broke his leg on the first day of his wakeboarding break by the way, linked me to a quite interesting site looking for some exposure. It’s actually a web site about Clonidine Online water skiing, a kind that you don’t quite seem to find a lot on the web, at least [...]

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27th February 2007

Who to ping when you’ve updated your blog?

Daniel of the Daily Blogging Tip, I wrote about one of his articles earlier, published an interesting and useful article again, titled with the simple but clear ‘Ping list‘. For those who don’t know what it’s aiming a: these days weblogs send out ‘pings’ to other weblogs and indexing services to let these know there [...]

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27th February 2007

SupportUniverse relaunching, find the freelancer for your project for ‘free’

SupportUniverse, a website helping Freelance programmers and project managers to find each other is relaunching again. Apparently their previous approach with fees in order to put up the advertisements didn’t quite work out too well and they’re going another way this time. Too bad I’m too short in time – and in knowhow – to [...]

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26th February 2007

BitTorrent starts movie service; smart move?

The BBC News reported that BitTorrent, the official bittorrent website owned by the ‘fathers’ of bittorrent, is now buy Paxil offering movies online to download purchase Lasix cheap Cialis Professional . I was amazed as I thought BitTorrent opened up their own torrent tracker, just like ThePirateBay or IsoHunt, sadly this wasn’t quite [...]

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