29th March 2007

Use a smart permalink structure on your blog when setting it up

When I first started to try out blogging a little – more than half a year ago – I had never heard of search engine optimization in my life. For a couple of months I had used the ‘good old’, but highly inefficient and unreadable ?p=%id% default format. Quite some SEO professionals don’t think [...]

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28th March 2007

Banana photo competition – Win one year hosting!

purchasing Plavix The title of this post might be a little ‘out of the ordinary’, but I that’s the goal of this competition. The content is held here on Leftblank, and is sponsored by order misoprostol online Banana Hosting Order Disulfiram , a hosting company with, as you might guess, a banana as [...]

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28th March 2007

Net neutrality is at risk, beware of your rights!

A hot issue, or well, let’s say ‘medium-hot’ issue on the web is ‘net neutrality’. Net neutrality basically is the idea of the Internet being a natural, unregulated and free (as in freedom and treating male impotence beer). This idea has been controversial, and endangered, for many years already, as Internet service providers [...]

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28th March 2007

A new ‘type’ of website directory, is it worth the effort?

Indocin online buy esomeprazole Even though I posted a little while back about a list of somewhat ‘classical’ versions of website directories, that often list your website for free, Big Web Links Directory order Professional Viagra is a new take on the whole website directory concept.
While these more ‘classic’ versions of website [...]

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28th March 2007

YouTube published their video awards; real American humor – I guess

After long waiting, YouTube has ‘finally’ published the winning video’s of the 2006 Annual YouTube video awards. According to the press release on YouTube, these videos were the most interesting, original and popular of all movies posted on 2006, of course, (partly) selected by the YouTube staff.
I must say these guys (and gals) were selected [...]

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