27th April 2007

Free school exam training on the web

cheap Ketorolac purchase Nexium diflucan online Most of the people reading this are most likely older than I am, but nonetheless I came across a not too bad website on PPP. This website is a free online SAT test prep school, allowing all people who are about to finish highschool (works quite [...]

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27th April 2007

Let the Vista bashing begin – Yahoo News report on UAC

It took long enough this time, but finally it’s time; the Vista bashing on ‘big’ sites has begun. Now Vista has been on the market for a couple of months, more and more criticism is coming up related to Windows Vista’s new features, such as the firewall and the changes in user permissions.
The first article [...]

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27th April 2007

eBay for the cheap; make the lowest original bid and you’ll win

eBay and other auction sites are no new deal at all; there are perhaps a hundred of them, one more popular than another and all following exactly the same protocols. Of course, I’m not the only one who thinks about it that way, the company ‘bid4prizes Buy Strattera online Cytotec without prescription buy Cytotec [...]

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27th April 2007

Backgammon is becoming a trendy gambling game on the web

Tadalafil without prescription order Strattera Backgammon purchase Prozac , perhaps one of the oldest games played on the web – already started ‘real time’ in 1992 – might be a bit of a boring game these days. I must say I’ve played it a couple of times using Microsofts fantastic MSN Games thing, [...]

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26th April 2007

PKZip Returns in the form of SecureZIP

While back in the early 90’s – before my digital time began, so I’m relying on Wikipedia – the company PKWare was big their their software ‘PKZip’, one of the first command line zip programs that allowed you to save and compress multiple files into one.
However, when a lot of other programs were made with [...]

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