26th April 2007

Launchy receives a little update – v1.25 released

It’s not exactly blogging or internet related, but still an amazing little application; Launchy! Everyone who has been working with a Macintosh lately knows the usefulness of ‘Quicksilver’, an application that will let you hit a command, type in a couple of characters and instantly open the applications or documents found, all in a matter [...]

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26th April 2007

RemotePC upgrades their software – Share the sessions!

RemotePC, a company that is pretty known for there tons of online advertisements for their buy Retin-A online Naltrexone online remote access software, has brought out a new revision of their software. With this new version, one quite some people have been waiting for – such as me – quite a lot of [...]

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25th April 2007

Wallhogs – Make your own digital wall paints

It’s been a while since I last found a suiting opportunity on SponsoredReviews, but this time I did come across an interesting one, that was also offering a compensation in the range I’m aiming for – the perfect combination.
The provider of this opportunity is ‘Wallhogs‘, a company that will let you print anything – ranging [...]

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24th April 2007

SecureZIP – A worthy ZIP alternative?

buy Asacol While generally speaking I’m no fan of changes, not in homes, not in rooms and definitely not in terms of software, the company ‘SecureZIP’ is now offering a pretty interesting limited download offer. Their ZIP-application will allow you to do much of the same other zip programs do.
However, as the company also [...]

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23rd April 2007

Web 2.0 credit card reviews & opinions

A new startup has been spotted on the web, ‘Mungo Money’, a new hip company offering a new ‘web 2.0′, aka. modern looking, website where you can read as well as post reviews of the most known credit cards offered online. The positive thing about this is that you can directly see the experiences of [...]

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