30th May 2007

Support your customers online the best way possible

For bloggers and small companies customer support and sales management are usually non-issues; a simple contact form combined with software such as eCommerce usually does the job, perhaps enhanced with a way of communicating ‘live’ with an employee over Skype or using a web-based chat box.
For the bigger fishes in the internet ocean crm cheap [...]

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30th May 2007

Use smart keywords to find specific things on Google

The scenario is almost a cliché, you’re looking for a specific thing, such as a comparison of two products, but you simply can’t find the right result due to the huge load of hits – or perhaps very small amount. With some common sense and smart usage of keywords you can find a lot more [...]

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29th May 2007

PayPerPost is joining the masses – PPP Direct Launched

As I’m back now, I’m also going to resume my attempt to still make some money out of this month, despite the fact that this month simply sucked so far; I might even end up lower than my first month back in January. Luckily PayPerPost managed to publish some new features though, which might eventually [...]

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28th May 2007

Home sweet home – finally back from my Barcelona trip

order Asacol buy Nexium treat adenoma of prostate It took somewhat longer than expected but I’m finally back here in the Netherlands now. During the past week I’ve been walking around in Barcelona, visiting most of the interesting and culturally interesting museums and hot spots around there, including Gaudi stuff, the Dali [...]

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25th May 2007

Eight tips to increase your Del.icio.us skill and reduce the clutter

It seems like it’s trendy these days to use a social bookmarking site, no matter whether it’d be your enhanced Gmail account, personalised homepage, Del.icio.us, Reddit or whatever other website with the same functionality. Of course, these sites tend to have at least a couple of drawbacks or slowdown factors, making it less interesting or [...]

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