24th May 2007

The 9 essential type of blogsposts for the wannabe famous bloggers on the web

Collis, the guy who runs North By East, has written a pretty interesting article titled ‘ Buy Viagra online The 9 Essential Posts that Every Blogger Should Know‘. This post explains the 9 different kinds of often used posts to fill up your website with content, without actually having to spent a lot of timing [...]

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23rd May 2007

The world isn’t totally lost! The ‘web 2.0 crowd’ is only a minority on the web!

As you might have read in some of my posts, I’m not a big fan of the ‘web 2.0′ phenomenon, said in a short way, I think it’s an overhyped name for old techniques combined with overrated designs. Of course this isn’t entirely true, there are some positive things about it, such as the enhanced [...]

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22nd May 2007

Seven habits of successful bloggers – according to John Chow

The ‘almighty’ John Chow has posted a pretty interesting article a little while back, covering the seven six habits that successful bloggers have Premarin Fast shipping , according to him. I’d perhaps rather name them ‘guidelines’, as I doubt all successful bloggers follow them on a daily basis; blogging is a tough job, even if [...]

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21st May 2007

I’m featured on the lists of blogger salaries!

It took me quite a while to figure out – I admit I don’t check incoming links to my blog that often – but I discovered I’m featured on buy Indocin online Paula’s list of blogger salaries Cialis online !
Basically that list is a summary of a load of bloggers – about 60 – [...]

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20th May 2007

ISDN – Really, it’s not as dead as you might think it is!

Todays second sponsor break is from buy Premarin ACC Telecom, a telecompany located in the Washington DC area. It’s not an ordinary internet services provider though, this one is paying a lot of extra attention to business phone systems and ISDN connections for companies – lots of ISDN connections.
Personally I thought ISDN was a [...]

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