30th June 2007

Copy files at maximum speed using TeraCopy

Hard disks are slow, very slow, most likely you’ve noticed this at least a couple of times in the past weeks when for instance copying a big file from one partition to another or to another PC. You can’t do too much about that, though you can speed up the way Windows transfers files a [...]

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29th June 2007

The Microsoft MGX coming up again – Where do the rich bloggers sleep?

The annual Microsofts annual MGX Conference, officially named Microsoft Global Experience, meeting is up ahead again. For the outsiders, which includes me, this meeting is one that nearly all ‘big’, or ‘rich’, sales folks, consultants and evangelists attend to in the hope of learning new stuff, or simply to have a lot of fun with [...]

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28th June 2007

Merchant access for credit cards

When making a professional website, and offering payment methods, you’ll at some point come at the checkpoint of adding Fluconazole no prescription Buy Viagra electronic check processing, well, this link will surely help a bit in that by taking over a lot of the hassle usually involved with their interesting API and features.
Of [...]

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27th June 2007

Reduce your English accent with proper training

Every non-native English speaker knows it, it’s almost inevitable that people will hear your accent and notice that you’re not that American guy they expected. On the other hand, when doing business with people from the UK, you might not want to be talking with your die-hard Texas accent, but instead more ‘British’ English.
This [...]

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27th June 2007

Test your blogging addiction online

It was just a matter of time till someone came up with this idea; a test to see how bad your blog addiction is. I think I’m doing fairly well with my score of 56% – some points really count hard!
56%How Addicted to Blogging Are You? order misoprostol Robaxin online where to buy [...]

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