14th July 2007

Another huge player on the property market

While I thought Fish4 was just on a temporary advertising rage the other day, when I wrote a review of their current website with the various job offers, it actually seems like they’re here to stay with their ‘all in one’ website.
A short version of what I wrote yesterday; Fish4’s jobs section is aiming [...]

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13th July 2007

Find your ideal (holiday) job online

As I posted earlier, by now nearly everyone in Europe, and most likely also big parts of America and Asia are in their summer holidays right now; the ideal moment to go on a nice trip, or as a lot of scholars and students prefer, the ideal moment to look for a holiday job to [...]

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11th July 2007

Official holiday season has finally started

It was about time, but finally my holidays have started. Basically it means a whole lot of relaxing, staying in bed way too long and browsing the web till I’m completely sick of it. Last year that took at least several weeks, time will tell what this years record will be!
Though it seems perfect to [...]

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10th July 2007

Host any file up to 500MB in size for free

Who hasn’t had the ‘pleasure’ of trying to send this collection of amazing pictures, small videoclip or audio recordings over the web to a friend or family member? I know I have, plenty of times. One of the things you face when trying to do that with big files are the limits ‘traditional’ ways such [...]

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9th July 2007

Challenge the Top Gear ’stars’ online

Top Gear, who doesn’t love the show? It’s generally speaking broadcasted by the British BBC, which can be viewed in most (European) countries as well as just about any country outside Europe or the US using a satellite dish. The program is quite flamed a lot, for instance for their promotions of irresponsible driving, preferring [...]

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