19th August 2007

Had a tough holiday with too much alcohol? Rehab might be the thing!

Okay, I’ve got to admit; once again I’ve written a tabloid headline for this relatively serious subject. Nonetheless it’s a useful thing to keep in mind, after all more and more people seem to suffer from addictions of any sort, with them more and more teenagers.
Echo Malibu is one of the sites aiming at [...]

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17th August 2007

Eek, I’m making the same mistake as before again!

In the past I made many mistakes, just like basically everyone who starts with something new, no matter if it’s digital or not. One of my biggest mistakes was not blogging frequently enough to bother the visitors of my website enough to keep them coming back!
It’s fairly easy to spot that kind of trouble, especially [...]

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13th August 2007

Thoof, yet another social news site or more?

After my (way too short and fantastically relaxed vacation) I’m now doing my best to return to my ‘regular’ blogging habits. A part of that is browsing the web to see what’s happening around the world as well as on the internet or blogosphere.
The easiest ways to do so are usually social news or [...]

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10th August 2007

The slimmest PDF reader available on the web!

Personally, when it comes to computers, I’m a speed maniac. Every few seconds I have to wait for an application are in fact a waste of time, which is also the reason I’ve been using fast and trimmed down applications for a long while already.
One of them used to be ‘ buy Nolvadex FoxIT Reader [...]

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