27th September 2007

‘Mobile blogging’

When surfing on the net today I stumbled upon something interesting. It’s the site www.truemors.com (bastardization of true and rumor), it’s a blog about rumors -obviously- and funny news facts ran by Guy Kawasaki (who formerly worked at Apple). Nothing new so far, however, the site has got some interesting and unique futures. It is [...]

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26th September 2007

Cool new digital watches

We all know about those ugly looking digital quartz watches which were popular in the seventies and eighties. Today, we consider them ugly because most of us associate LCD screens with a wide array of cheap products, like simple calculators and (pen lite powered) mp3-players. In other words, it’s lost its ‘Cool-factor’.
However, new types of [...]

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25th September 2007

Buy yourself a new hair look?

Yesterday seemed to be a little theme day over here with the subject ‘presents’, discounts simply rock of course. However, when you’re completely done with that, you might want to look to find something you’ll like yourself.
An example of that could perhaps be a pack of ghd hair straighteners Cheap Lamisil order Cytotec , [...]

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25th September 2007

Lifehacker: OpenID rocks, but needs more support

Ever from the first announcements I read about OpenID, I’ve been trying to stay right on top of this interesting decentralized but universal username/password system. Basically OpenID is one login name and password on a third party site that will let you login using this url on thousands of sites, without having to sign up [...]

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24th September 2007

Cut costs with MaternityCard

Insurance companies aren’t stupid. For example, if you’d want an insurance policy for fire damage when your house just burned down, that will obviously be impossible. The same is true for pregnancy, if you find yourself pregnant without a maternity health insurance, it will be impossible to still get one. However, there are solutions [...]

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