23rd October 2007

Save your precious data…

Who hasn’t heard ‘Make sure you backup all your important data frequently, you never know when it might come in handy!’ before? Not too many people I guess. Nonetheless, I’m very sure even less people actually have made backups of their documents, photos or other important data in the past month…
Personally I’m worthless as well [...]

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22nd October 2007

There is no spoon, erm, Google Phone

Really, there isn’t. Despite what a lot of people seem to have been hoping, it doesn’t seem like Google has any plans to make one either on the long term.
According to Valleywag, the highest guys at Google even denied it, to quote them:
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I overheard a rep [...]

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19th October 2007

Buy your WoW gold the European way…

treating acne Cytotec without prescription It’s almost impossible, but it seems that some people haven’t read or heard about MMORPG currency trading-sites… Personally I read about it nearly daily, thanks to the huge loads of comment spam, and the load of advertisements for these companies in ads on websites.
Anyway, what these companies basically [...]

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19th October 2007

Hot-swap your HD’s old skool style

It has been quite a while since the NES was introduced, no less than 24 years for the first one, but in case you still love the idea of actually sliding cartridges, you might like the following ‘gadget’, it’s available right now from doxycycline online Naltrexone online GeekStuff4U and costs almost $47 – [...]

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12th October 2007

Samsung G600 – The Club Phone

treatment with Cialis It seems Samsung is really presenting their new top of the bill G600 phone as a cool new mobile phone for young people with style…and money.
Samsung has set up a really interesting site buy Colchicine for UK people. It’s got a compilation of the thirty most stylish clubs of [...]

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