12th October 2007

Google Airlines…?

The billionaire Google founders have yet another extraordinary private yet. In addition to the two Gulfstream Vs and a Boeing 767, they now aquired rights to land another plane on the Moffett Field airport (which is operated by NASA, and close to the Google HQ’s). The rights now cost a whopping $1.3 million per year.
The [...]

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9th October 2007

‘Looking for Torchbearers’, 2008 Olympics

Samsung -being a sponsor of the 29th Olympics in Bejing- is looking for people who want to bear the Olympic torch. On the European Samsung site you can nominate both yourself or someone else who you think deserves such an honor.
There are of course some requirements for those who want to be nominated, amongst some [...]

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9th October 2007

iPod Mysteries…

Yes yes, yet another article about the iPod. But this one is rather funny.
In Texas, a 14 year old girl wanted an iPod for her birthday. So her mother took her to a nearby Target store to buy one.
However, when they came home and opened the box, it did not contain an iPod but just [...]

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5th October 2007

Go Compare – Insurance comparison service

When buying a new product, such as car or iPod, you’ll usually wonder whether or not you should get an insurance or extended warranty for it, or at least I do so, every time. Often you’ll end up with a way too expensive insurance or one that doesn’t even cover half the risks, such as [...]

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4th October 2007

Apple’s prices under the loop…

According to a nice investigation Plavix online treatment of depression done by the Commonwealth Bank located in Australia, the new iPod Nano, which Lasix online Apple released a while back, highly fluctuates in price, depending on the country. In fact, the prices range from as low as $148.12 (in Thailand, almost 1$ [...]

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