27th September 2007

Dutch researchers: Abandon e-voting

Today the Netherlands seem to have made it into the worldwide headlines – or at least bloglines – once again. Not with prostitutes, Iraq or drugs, while this might seem pretty normal, it doesn’t happen every day that even American newspapers report something from Europe. The reason? An research committee, assembled by the Dutch parliament, has advised buy Retin-A online our minister of home affairs to disallow the usage of machines to process the votes with the upcoming elections.

This will most likely seem odd, it does to me at least, but according to the committee, it is too simple to manipulate the machines and thus the results of the vote to be considered ‘fair’. Personally I’d recommend them to look for a safe but electronic way to handle the votes, simply for the sake of speed and costs; it’d be great to be able to hear the results just a few hours after you’ve voted yourself, rather than having to wait till every vote has been counted by hand…
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