25th May 2007

Eight tips to increase your Del.icio.us skill and reduce the clutter

It seems like it’s trendy these days to use a social bookmarking site, no matter whether it’d be your enhanced Gmail account, personalised homepage, Del.icio.us, Reddit or whatever other website with the same functionality. Of course, these sites tend to have at least a couple of drawbacks or slowdown factors, making it less interesting or perhaps even uninteresting to use them in your ‘daily internet life’.

Luckily there are plenty of ways to make it easier to use this kind of website, such as with the usage of various browser plugins purchase misoprostol order Baclofen online , mashups or other interesting alternative ways. But, as there are quite a lot of different ways as well as websites dedicated to this, the Web Worker Daily wrote an interesting article giving some pointers on social bookmarking, with Del.icio.us in particular, using the title ‘8 tips for better del.icio.us bookmarking Topamax 100 mg ‘.

One of the tips I found most useful is the ‘Quickly bookmark a page’ one, that way you’ll (finally) be able to bookmark pages with a single click, saving you the trouble of having to use the Del.icio.us browser extension, which requires no less than four fields to be filled in before it actually lets you bookmark a page in a usable way.

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