6th April 2007

Favorite Greasemonkey scripts – find your own perfect one!

A short while ago I wrote an article about the ‘incredible’ Firefox extension named ‘Greasemonkey’; this extension will allow you to run any sort of javascript on webpages before (or while) you’re viewing it, in order to remove annoying behavior or actually add new things to them. As there are tons of Greasemonkey scripts out there already and I’m using a couple of scripts I like a lot, here is my top x.

While there are tons of userscripts for Greasemonkey – and more coming every day – I do, of course, have some personal favorites. One of them is named PrEmail Order Furosemide purchase misoprostol , an interesting script that prevents spam by automatically filling email form fields on i.e. blogs with ‘yourname+currentwebsitedomain@yourdoma.in’; this way you’ll fill a field on this website with ‘john+leftblank.nl@gmail.com’, or your own domain of course. Keep in mind that you’ll need a catch-all account enabled in order to download mail without alias as well, providers such as Gmail use the data behind the + sign as virtual alias, allowing you to filter out or block these mails with ease in case of abuse.

Besides this one I’m also using a couple of specific ones, aimed at modifying more local (and private) pages such as the one of my school, making those work a bit better as well, these wont be too interesting to share, so instead of boring you with those, I’ve got an alternative. LifeHacker posted their top 10 today, containing another load of interesting plugins, aiding you in various ways as well, be sure to give them a look Buy Viagra .

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