27th April 2007

Free school exam training on the web

cheap Ketorolac purchase Nexium diflucan online trackimglogoMost of the people reading this are most likely older than I am, but nonetheless I came across a not too bad website on PPP. This website is a free online SAT test prep school, allowing all people who are about to finish highschool (works quite a bit different here in Europe) to train in order to get the highest score possible.

The ‘modern’ thing about this website is that it’s not some ordinary ‘boring’ webpage with helpful and educational articles or assignments. In fact, it’s using a ‘Digg-a-like’ system to allow users to rate the content and also helps you to find the most liked articles; they’ll be on top. Of course that isn’t too handy when looking for a specific thing, but the webpage also seems to be equipped with a decent search engine as well as a categories under which the articles are listed.

Popularity: 10% [?]

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