10th April 2007

George Bush goes SEO – #1 on failure again

One of the most known internet jokes has been searching for ‘failure’ on Google’s website, using the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button, that way you were taken to the website of George Bush directly. Besides this being just funny and looking like some Google-made conspiracy, it’s actual the logical follow-up of the way a lot of search engines used to work, and some still do.

When a website links to one of your pages using a specific keyword in the link, the search engine will consider your website relevant for that link and rank you higher for that particular keyword – one of the best ways to get traffic using search engines. This system has a ‘bug’ though; in the past the Google spider didn’t care about your website being relevant to the keyword; as long as you were referred to using that particular word, you’d come up. Using this behavior you can do funny things,such as the ‘failure’ joke is the best one around; tons of websites have linked to the Bush website using the keyword ‘failure’.

About half a year back Google corrected this kind of behavior, checking the website ofr actual relevancy to the keyword as well, this has blocked out most of these ‘link bombs’. The funny thing is though that one single time mentioning the word is enough to make the spider think it’s relevant again, which is exactly what happened to the Bush webpage; one of the editors used ‘failure’ in an article.

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The screenshot above was taken from an internet connection in the Netherlands, it might be that you wont see the Whitehouse coming up as first hit, but chances are high you’ll see it at least in the top 5. I think uncle Bush should’ve hired some SEO consultant to explain him, or his editors, the basics…

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  1. 1 On April 14th, 2007, Si buscas Failure en Google, te aparecerá George Bush « En la Tierra Media | Alex Martínez | Wordpress | Tecnologia said:

    [...] Vía – LeftBlank [...]

  2. 2 On September 30th, 2008, SEO Central Coast said:

    Heh heh, great link bomb. Very clever, I wonder how many back-links they needed and what page rank they have.

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