31st January 2007

Looking for a way to make your webstore stand out? Here you’ve got one!

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To milk out my not-so-favorite cliche once again: Today I found another request for a review/buzz request on PPP. Todays victim will be The osCommerce Cafe Lasix online fast delivery Brand Viagra . Their website advertises as a source for osCommerce templates, the popular store management software ‘osCommerce’.

First of all, what’s osCommerce? osCommerce stands for ‘Open Source Commerce’, its an e-commerce/online store-management software program running on web servers with PHP and MySQL installed. It’s available as pure free software under the popular GPL License and it offers pretty much like every feature you could possibly need. In case you don’t theres always the big community that offers some help – with limits of course, especially if you look at templates or custom designs.

One thing osCommerce lacks, and with them many other open source projects, are nice templates. By default most open source packages, and thus also osCommerce, only come with a couple of boring styles that wont give your website any unique looks. In fact, your website will be easily recognized as you’re just using the default look, default colors and default code, which makes your website a likely target for specific attacks from bots that track websites down with a search engine.

This is where the osCommerce Cafe kicks in as a more than welcome third party. Their website, which also looks very nice I must say, offers a huge load of designs for their customers. The interesting, but yet expensive, part is that they offer subscriptions for multiple amounts of durations, ranging from 3 months till one year. In this time you’ll be allowed to download and use as many designs as you like, which pretty much justifies the price; 89 dollar for 3 months isn’t too bad if you compare it with the prices their competitors often charge more than that for just a single design, interesting for small businesses or fanatic hobbyists who don’t have the time or know-how to make their own custom look.

This post was sponsored by osCommerce Cafe, however, this didn’t prevent me from giving my own opinion or thoughts.

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