18th April 2007

Google Mash up: Find out who’s sick

I came across a pretty funny, yet useful Google mash up today, for those who don’t know what a mash up is; it’s a combination of various websites, this time being Google Maps, combined with the data gathered by the website ‘ Topamax 100 mg Who is Sick Sildenafil buy plan-b ‘, giving you a new way of looking at the info as it’ll be placed on the map, rather than displayed in a long table.

Personally I think it’s a very nice combination, it’s more of an entertainment value than of actual value though, I’d say. Just imagine yourself sitting at home sick, I don’t think you’ll be feeling like adding yourself on the map, while you’re in a really bad shape – making it a pretty unreliable source of information. Besides that, right now the maps give pretty much of a weird view as no difference seems to be made between 5 different pins in one town or 5 times the same illness in one town, making the first one look much sicker than the second one, while they might actually be facing some epidemic – that could be improved a lot.

Popularity: 10% [?]

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