18th April 2007

Google Spreadsheets adds charts to their feature list

Google Spreadsheets, Google’s interpretation of an online office platform, has been on the web for quite a while now, but it’s usually referred to as ‘Google Docs’, for the sake of the URL. Google started with this when they acquired a company that was running this service, and ever since they’ve been Google’fying it and adding new features slowly as well.

The latest of these add ons is charts support for their online spreadsheets. To be honest, it actually impressed me – I thought Google already had those available as their Word-clone works pretty well from your web browser, it includes pretty much like all the basic functionality you’ll need for drafting your thoughts and perhaps even writing some basic things such as letters. I’m not sure if anyone uses their service yet, but for those who do I’m sure it’s a welcome addition to the current functionality; Excel clones can’t work properly without charts!
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