19th March 2007

Greasemonkey: Make the web look like you want it with prefab or custom code

In the Mozilla Firefox extension database you can find tons of extensions to make the web look like you want it (themes), make it act like you want it to (mouse gestures) and even sound like you want it (Foxytunes). These addons for Firefox do require some serious programming; it’s nearly impossible to make one just to suit your own wishes without taking programming classes or bugging your smart friends or family.

Greasemonkey is a whole new kind of extension for Firefox though, using this plugin you can simply add tiny, or large, script files to be ran on every page you tell it to. Instead of having to know C++ for instance you can simply use the relatively easy ‘Javascript’ which is well documented and widely used on the web.

So what can it do? The abilities are almost endless, using Javascript in clever ways combined with extra HTML chunks you can combine websites, mash them up or totally makeover the layouts – the only limits are your coding skills and the patience of your users. Nice examples of smart Greasemonkey scripts are for instance the tons of advertisement blockers you can find; got some annoying website that uses banners in impossible places? Simply take a look in the script database purchase Cialis buy Accutane online and theres a fair chance you’ll be able to find a script for it.

Of course there are also loads of scripts available for Wordpress, there is quite a nice list featuring scripts to process Akismet spam comments quicker, resize categories or remove annoying menu bars from Wordpress.com. Sadly Userscripts isn’t the only source of scripts, making it a bit harder to find what you’re looking for. You can still find quite a lot of interesting things by running a little Google search query on it. A nice couple of examples of that are ‘Tweaking WordPress With Greasemonkey‘ and ‘WordPress/Greasemonkey Spelling Hacks cheap Propranolol ‘, both already somewhat older but still working perfectly fine.

Got any other nice scripts? I’ll be more than glad to hear from you; the more the better; if web masters don’t make the web perfect, Greasemonkey will!

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