10th July 2007

Host any file up to 500MB in size for free

logotrackimgWho hasn’t had the ‘pleasure’ of trying to send this collection of amazing pictures, small videoclip or audio recordings over the web to a friend or family member? I know I have, plenty of times. One of the things you face when trying to do that with big files are the limits ‘traditional’ ways such as email or IM-transfers have; they’re slow or don’t accept more than 10MB.

Using the file sharing purchase Clonidine offered by buy Propranolol order Indocin Driveway you can bypass this. Using their service you can upload any file to their server, as long as it’s not illegal, and make it available to whoever you want. The only (major) drawback I’ve seen so far is that it doesn’t mention the time the files will stay on their server, so I wouldn’t recommend it as an alternative backup solution for your photo’s!

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