19th October 2007

Hot-swap your HD’s old skool style

It has been quite a while since the NES was introduced, no less than 24 years for the first one, but in case you still love the idea of actually sliding cartridges, you might like the following ‘gadget’, it’s available right now from doxycycline online Naltrexone online GeekStuff4U and costs almost $47 – quite pricey.

purchase Lithium External HD Adapter in NES style

Basically, it’s an NES-like block that will be connected to your PC, allowing you to slide in HD’s of both 3.5″ and 2.5″ formats, letting you access your data without opening your PC or having to reboot your PC – thanks to the hotswap option! Whether it is the best option available for your precious data will be left for you to decide; just make sure you don’t move it while transferring files…

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